Fresh Milk

Fresh Milk

Fresh Milk  Pasteurized with latest technologies
Long Shelf Life Milk (or UHT Milk)

Long Shelf Life Milk (or UHT Milk)

Mozzarella Cheese is creamy white and smooth in texture with a mild, delicate, milky flavor. Typically used on pizzas


Highly enriched with
Vitamin B1, D
Yougurt in diiferent packages
200g unsalted cup Butter

200g unsalted cup Butter

Salted butter has a longer shelf life than does unsalted butter. What this means, is that generally speaking, unsalted butter tends to be “fresher”

Food Safety Policy

MB PLC is strongly committed to produce and provide safe, nutritious and high quality milk & milk product that fulfill applicable international, national and mutually agreed food safety and quality standards, regulatory and statutory requirements to the highest satisfaction of its customers. The key measure of its success is exceeding the needs and expectations of the customers. With strong commitment and participation of the management and employees at all levels, the company trains, creates awareness, implements, maintains and continually improve the integrated food safety 

and quality management system; ensure allocation and effective utilization of resources; establish effective communication arrangement; prepare and respond to emergency situations and accidents; and ensure the continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the system. The policy is communicated, understood, implemented, reviewed, updated and maintained at all levels of the organization.


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ይህንን ያውቃሉ?
ፋሚሊ ወተት ሙሉ በሙሉ የላም ወተት እንደሆነና ለረጅም ጊዜ ምንም ሳይሆን መቆየት እንደሚችል ያውቃሉ? ገዝተውስ ሞክረውታል?
Did you know that Family Milk is 100% and long shelf life cow milk? Have you tried it?
Nourished with Energy
Excellent in Quality
ፋሚሊ ወተትን በተጎነጩ ቁጥር ሰውነትዎ ያጣውን ኃይል በቀላሉ ይተካሉ
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Our Managing Team

Ato. Hailu Eshetu
Phone: +25111 4 19 74 21 / +251 114 197424
Ato. Hailu EshetuGeneral Managerhailue@familymilkethiopia.net
Ato. Abrham Mechal
Ato. Abrham MechalDeputy-Managerabrehamm@familymilkethiopia.net
Ato. Bisrat Mechal
Ato. Bisrat MechalPlant Managerbisrat@familymilkethiopia.net
Ato. Bisrat Araya
Ato. Bisrat ArayaSales and marketing Managerbisrata@familymilkethiopia.net
Ato. Girum Asrat
Ato. Girum AsratHR-Managergiruma@familymilkethiopia.net
Mr. Fekadu Gugsa
Mr. Fekadu GugsaFinance Managerfekadug@familymilkethiopia.net

Our Customers

Family milk aim to provide high quality, affordable and nutritious pasteurized milk and milk products to the local market ,we distribute them to diversified customers based in all Ethiopian ,they are :-
Ethiopian Airlines,
Mini and Large Super Markets,
Hospitals, etc...

Our Clients

Ethiopian Airlines

Our Clients

Small and large shops ,supermarkets

Our Clients