Let’s know about Corporex

We are Family

The company was established as a private limited company since October 2006 in accordance with the provision of the commercial code of Ethiopia with eight family members in the purpose of constructing industry to process pasteurized milk and milk Products, the processing factory it locates in Addis Ababa, Nifaslik lafto, woreda 12 at lebu industry zone. The owners are currently running MB PLC with trade name of family milk processing plant. The plant is located in lebu area, and it is one of the commercial dairy processing plant engaged in collaction of raw milk from individual farmers they are located in oromia region semenshewa  zone kuyo woreda up to Debretsige, Cooperatives, union and Governmental organizations and processing it to supply pasteurized milk and milk products to the population of Addis Ababa and the neighboring regions.  The plant has the capacity to process daily 20,000 liter of raw milk and produce pasteurized milk and milk products.  such as cheeses, butter, cream, skimmed milk and yogurt.  It has a long years of experience in milk collection from individual farmers, commercial dairy farms, union and cooperatives and process it. The market out lets are all supermarkets in Addis Ababa, small and large shop, Restaurants, Hotels, Coffee shop, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries, Governmental and Non Governmental organizations and with the objective of provide high quality, affordable and nutritious pasteurized milk and milk products to the local and international market, and also create market access to the local dairy farmers so that it can generate attractive household income, contribute to fight against unemployment through creating job opportunity and contribute Revenue for paying tax to the government. 
The vision of Family Milk is to be the leading dairy processing plant in the Ethiopia Agro-Industry sector. Mission  Provide high quality milk and milk products to the best satisfaction of its customers. Objectives:-  Provide high quality affordable and nutritious milk and milk products to the local and international markets.  Create market access to the local dairy farmers so that they can generate attractive household income.   Empower the Ethiopian government with revenue through paying taxes. 
 Contribute to the fight against unemployment through creating job opportunities for Ethiopians.  Value  Customer satisfaction  Quality  Loyalty  Partnership

Our Vision

Family Milk’s vision is to become the pioneer in new product development in Ethiopia and to be recognised for delivering the industry’s highest standards in quality, innovation, service and social responsibility. It intends to achieve this by creating market access for local dairy farmers to generate higher household incomes, contribute towards the fight against unemployment by creating job opportunities and boost revenue by paying tax to the government.

Our Company Activities

  • Employment opportunity and technical expertise and help align strategic vision and values
  • Quality feed supply to individual farmers on credit and payments deducted from milk sold to the company
  • Improvement in quality milk production.
  • Training on quality milk production, dairy nutritional and farm managements.
  • Opportunity to contribute to female’s farmer empowerment through providing training on farm management.
  • Provide seed for forage ,

Our Skills

Milk Processing
Yoghourt Processing
Cheese Processing